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Our Calling

We want you to regain control of what you are truly looking for. In the course of a day, local questions come up all the time. In big cities across Asia, it’s getting harder to get good answers to these questions because cities keep changing, including the people who live there. People nearby often have the best information you need, but they’re too busy these days to stop and chat on the street or in the park. And group chats keep getting bigger and noisier — and fill up with those “Good Morning” messages.

And yet we need answers. That’s why we built ROST, a neighbourhood app that helps you ask your neighbours questions, be a local expert, and keep up with your neighbourhood. With ROST, your questions get routed to the right neighbors instantly, and then they can write back with the most up-to-date, relevant and accurate info.

ROST is the human, helpful, and local way to ask and answer questions.

So you can make your neighbourhood better, together.

The ROST app gives you recommendations on local businesses, and cash rewards for returning the favor. From restaurants and bars to florists and dentists, it makes finding your favorite spots easy. No more sifting through negative reviews. Just post an ask, and receive a reco.

It can be as specific as “a bar in the Village that’s good for groups and not too loud.” In real time, you’ll get suggestions from locals who know best. The ROST app lets you:

· Get instant recommendations for local businesses
· Get cash rewards for recommending your own favorite spots
· Search for food, bars, doctors, entertainment, shopping, and more
· See recent photos from places you may be interested in
· View detailed business info like menus, contact info, and hours of operation
· Follow friends to see what they’re recommending
· Get insider tips from people who have actually been there

Fast, friendly recommendations, and rewards for those who give them.