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ICO-related enquiries

As shown in our whitepaper ROST’s current total supply is 400 million coins. ROST’s whitepaper also explains how much ROST is distributed and how much is to be distributed. Currently we are distributing 53% of the total supply of ROST via our coin distribution event. All coins which are not distributed during this event will be burned, potentially leaving a significantly less amount of ROST. As of now, depending on how much is distributed at the coin distribution event, there will be a total circulating supply of 100 to 300 million coins.

ROST Network is a startup company, and we plan to grow our physical presence as we scale our operations. We are currently Singapore and is situated within close proximity to other blockchain companies like NEM and TENX. We are also looking into many other locations and will be expanding our presence further in both North America and Europe over the course of the next few years, depending on the future requirements for ROST.

Having seen the failures of many coins to reach crucial deadlines, we have decided to take a conservative approach with our roadmap estimations. We are currently working on our roadmap 2.0 which will include conservative estimates on timeframes for each milestone. On top of this we will be publishing technical documents which will lay out exactly what we plan on doing with each new feature.

Regular updates and releases will be published on our website, Facebook and our Medium’s account page.

Yes, we would like our community members to contribute to our project as much as possible. This project, although run by the core team of ROST, is designed to be ‘highly flexible’. We value inputs and assistance from everyone in the crypto community and will launch a bounty program as and when we require your help.

We will also be launching our ambassador program, should we manage to launch a successful ICO in 2018 to reach out to supporters from all over the world.

Prior to starting our own ICO, we have invested and seen many ICOs come and go for the past 1-2 years. It seemed like a norm to have a horde of team members with various roles and tons of advisors in their projects. However, we feel that ROST has to have a healthy growth of team members. We are starting out with a select group of people whom we have worked with and believed in. We believe that in order for any projects to succeed, we have to grow according to the needs at any point in time. And we will scale our operations when the time is right. Furthermore, we wish to maximise the investments that we have gained through the ICO with meaningful engagement and development of our project. The value of the company is dependent on the future success of it’s product/service. So we will engage and invite more suitable candidates as we move along further into our roadmap.

If you believe in our project, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we could arrange a conference and evaluate if ROST is a good fit to your expertise.

Then of course, if Vitalik Buterin or Charlie Lee decides to join us and believe in our project, we will gladly evaluate the suitability of him/her and invite him/her into our team as well!

While we are just as excited as you are with the future of Cryptocurrencies, we do not really encourage shilling or fudding over our project.

ROST is a blockchain project with the community in mind. While we have a competent team of experts with various specialisations working hard to develop the full potential of ROST, we are certainly not Baba Vanga or Nostradamus in the area of price speculations. As with many Startups around the world, the true value of ROST lies in the people who believes in the project, as well as the team who could deliver the project without fail.

With great responsibilities come great commitments, and we believe that once our product is delivered and executed effectively, we will slowly, but steadily see the real potential in this project.

Due to the meteoric rise of the Cryptocurrency market, numerous exchanges have since increased their listing fee. Some major exchanges could charge a fee up to a few million dollars (USD) and we will review on a case-by-case basis whether listing on certain major exchanges are feasible at the point after ICO.

Our Token Allocation gives an overview of how our received funds will be used in our project, and we are definitely going to seek a balance between our priorities. The main priority will go to the Community, Our Product and Marketing and Branding.

However, feel free to help ROST get into your favorite exchange as some of them offers community votes to get their favorite coins listed.

Initially, our concept design of ROST logo is simple. Having an alphabet ‘R’ with a unique font type forming its entirety. Later on, we have decided to think up of a brand logo that may stick with people. That’s when Nixson and Seray’s Cat jumped up to the Macbook and stared at us, and that gives them the ‘eureka’ moment. Our project is built with a purpose, and that smart Feline is our Purpose. But that’s just half of the story.

On a serious note, ROST is designed to connect people and cultivate a ‘Tribal’ environment. Human beings are programmed to work/live better, by working/living in groups (Most of the time). Current major social media platforms structures have worked out ways to integrate technology into socialising and engagement. However, as with the popularity and size of user base, it become increasingly harder for everyone to truly consume truth from the seas of fake news, fake articles, and fake reviews. Many attempts have been made to rectify the issue, but none had worked so far.

ROST plans to change all of that by coming up with a new social media and online review platform, from the ground up. It is like a ‘rebirth’ of Social Network, and we plan to utilise Blockchain technology,  machine learning and other emerging techologies to create a better medium for everyone to receive news, tips, exchange of ideas, meetups, etc…

As for symbolism, cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, per their nine lives, that is how we derived with the logo.

Cats are also symbols of mystery and magic, and even healing. But unfortunately, we currently do not have the capacity to conjure magic. Leave it to Harry for that.



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